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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cameron Actively Avoiding Housing Shortage Solution.

There is a housing crisis in the country with homelessness on the rise, rents climbing to unaffordable heights and house prices at unsustainable levels. As a basic human need they don't come much more basic than having shelter while any government claiming to have any legitimacy at all would make this a primary concern. So when it is revealed that David Cameron has been presented with at least a partial solution to this growing problem you would think he would implement it immediately. Strangely, however, Cameron has been presented with such a plan involving the building of two new Garden Cities but has decided to ignore it completely. There have been one or two spurious reasons put forward for his inaction. He is worried that newly built towns might "import" Labour voters into Tory safe seats or that Tory nimbies might vote UKIP in the next election. Neither is a particularly good reason for promoting homelessness and housing poverty on the rest of the country and Cameron as Prime Minister does have a responsibility for all of the country and not just part of it. But, as the News In Shorts has pointed out many times, the real reason for his reluctance to tackle this problem is twofold - rising house prices to utterly insane levels is the only basis for his so-called economic "recovery" while falling house prices would adversely affect his own property portfolio. In his book homelessness and unaffordable housing for the majority are small price to pay to protect his personal wealth.

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