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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tories Close Parliament.

It seems that David Cameron's preference for holidaying rather then working has, once again, got the better of him. Parliament, it would seem, is to shut down 19 days earlier than expected and several reasons have been put forward for this. The "Mirror" believes that the Tories have run out of ideas and have no more laws to pass. But, as Albert Einstein once observed; "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." Others have suggested that the Tories are so afraid that they will be wiped out in the forthcoming European elections that they have freed up their MP's to campaign. There is a third possibility, however, and that is that the Tories are simply tired of being taken to account for their evil policies and having to defend their woeful record in government. They've tried manipulating the statistics, or lying as you and I would know it, they've tried pretending that they're "Christians", they've played the race card (as far as they dare) and they've even "promised" (yet again) a referendum on Europe. Now they've run into a problem that they were calculating wouldn't occur until after the general election next year - the truth is catching up with them. So, unable to think up any more lies, finding it difficult to manipulate the figures beyond all credibility, unable to quote from the Bible because none of them have read it and frightened of losing even more of the immigrant vote, they've decided instead to shut up shop and gag democracy before it gets out of hand. The Tories are running scared and they certainly have much to be scared about. Without doubt the most reactionary not to say downright evil government in British history if there is any justice they will cease to exist as a political force after May 2015. I wonder what excuses they can find to postpone the general election indefinitely?

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