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Saturday, 3 May 2014

How The Tory Privatisation Model Works.

The Tories love privatisation and will privatise every public service, including the NHS, if they can. They love privatisation because they claim it is more "efficient" and because it shrinks the state and "saves taxpayer's money". In order to work at maximum "efficiency" those services that are privatised should be allowed to operate with the minimum of regulation according to the Tories. The truth, as always with that most organised of all criminal enterprises - the Tory party - is somewhat different as the case of Jo Shuter and the Quintin Kynaston Community Academy school amply demonstrates. As the Head Teacher of the newly privatised school, Jo Shuter claimed the £7,000 bill for her birthday party, £1,500 for new furniture at her home and claimed taxi fares incurred when on private business unconnected with the school. In other words she stole public money amounting in total to £30,000 though, according to the teaching regulator, this was merely a case of "unacceptable professional conduct" and not one of "dishonesty or fraud". So delighted with Ms Shuter's obvious professionalism as a fully-qualified scrounger and crook, the government gave her a gong, a CBE, in 2010. Not surprisingly, having been found with her sticky fingers in the till, Ms.Shuter felt she should resign before her collar was fingered by the cops and, more than a year after she was found to be stealing, the authorities have decided that she might - might? -be struck off the register of head teachers. The reason for their hesitation seems to be that Ms.Shuter is now Head Teacher of the King Solomon High School in Forest Road, Barkingside where the school governors seem to have decided that they simply didn't have enough crooks stealing public money in their area and could do with at least one more. Having failed to "save taxpayer's money" the Tories can at least celebrate Ms.Shuter's "efficiency" in transferring public money into her own pocket. As for regulating these private academies, why do that? After all its only public money and, as far as the Tories are concerned, there is an unlimited supply of that.

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