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Saturday, 17 May 2014

New Tory Scam In The Offing.

Flushed with success after their reintroduction of day labour and slum landlords the Tories have now eagerly turned their attention to the question of child protection. Drooling over the amount of money spent in this country trying to protect our children against exploitation they have come up with a scheme to have them protected by - you've guessed it - a bunch of greedy corporate executives eager to exploit as much of the population as possible. G4S and Serco, well-known for scamming public money and their "donations" to the Tory party, are, surprise, surprise, the front runners. Essentially what the Tories are proposing is that our tax money instead of going straight to the Child Protection Agency will now be "filtered" through the hands of a bunch of crooks who will put a huge amount of that money into their tax-free offshore bank accounts and pass a nice little earner onto their favourite partner in crime - the Tory party. Profits are guaranteed since public funds are unlimited and spending cuts are always possible. Trained staff can be replaced by untrained teenagers on the minimum wage and zero hour contracts, killing two birds with one stone by "saving" public money and "reducing" teenage unemployment. Better yet, in keeping with the Tory belief in "self help" and "individual responsibility" perhaps the children in question can look after themselves and learn to live in the Tory paradise that we can all look forward to.

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