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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The End Of Civilisation.

As T.S.Eliot wrote; “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper,” and, according to NASA, this is exactly how our civilisation will end. Inequality and a lack of resources will cause us to sink, in fits and starts, into chaos and a new Dark Age. Forget global warming, nuclear war or asteroid strike, we will go the way of all previous civilizations and subside under the weight of our own irrationality. As usual the root cause will be the greed of a small elite who want everything and can't have it if anyone else has anything. Our economic system is dependent on meeting demand but, despite this, the greedy and stupid continue to undermine this by denying us a fair shake of the stick. They tell us that their greed is an irresistible force of nature and that their character flaws are some sort of political philosophy. They give it a fancy name - neoliberal economic theory - amass huge amounts of wealth and then bury it in the vaults of offshore banks where it can do no one any good. The demand that we pay taxes to make it easier for them to pay none. They demand the best by denying us the basics. They encourage fear and disunity and then tell us "We're all in this together." They make us fight their wars to protect their wealth and then tell us we're not worth a decent pension or healthcare and our children have no right to a good education. They create a desert and call it progress. We vote for them and pay their wages, in effect we hire them to do a job, and they repay us with "austerity" and tell us we're a bunch of lazy, feckless scroungers who should get off their idle arses and work harder. When democracy threatens them they abolish it, when free speech becomes dangerous to their interests they curtail it. Who are these people who produce nothing remotely useful and yet tell us they are more worthy because they have a compulsion to amass immense mountains of money?

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