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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Britain's Damp Squib Economy.

The Tories are so pleased with the unimagined strength of their economic "recovery" that they are planning to raise the threshold for Inheritance Tax from £325,000 to £1 million handing the richest people in Britain a nice little bonus for all the hardships they've had to endure. Inflation, the Tories are boasting, is at its lowest level for four years while wages are poised to bounce upwards sometime after the 2015 election as their austerity measures begin to take effect. You might be forgiven, however, if you've failed to notice any improvement yourself. The idea that wages will soon begin to rise remains a vague and improbable prediction based largely on wishful thinking - yours not theirs - while inflation remains stubbornly high in terms of the necessities that families need with food prices set to soar and no end in sight as far as rising energy prices are concerned. Meanwhile the idea that an economic boom is at hand is undermined by the latest batch of redundancies with 900 jobs lost as Solway Foods in Corby closes, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank close 28 branches and Royal Mail plans to cut 1,600 jobs. Meanwhile Honda has cut production in Britain by 15% citing the country's weak growth outlook and is looking to shed at least 340 jobs. There can be little doubt that Osborne's policy of austerity is working as planned with money being shovelled out of the pockets of the poor and into the offshore bank accounts of the rich. The news is also good if you happen to have a nice property portfolio as house price inflation continues unabated. For the rest of us, unfortunately, it's yet another round of "we're all in this together" - the smug, selfish and self-serving rich in clover with rest of is in it up to our necks.


  1. Your Tory bashing has become very stale. I pity Marxist collectivists like yourself as you are too psychologically damage and brainwashed see that it is your wealth distribution mantra which has ruined every wonderful country is has ever infested and the uk has gone the same way. But it's never your fault you always have to blame someone else. Never mind that labour was at the helm when tax receipts grew by 70% but their wasteful spending grew by 200%, what a bunch of psycos. And sad sad people like you would do it all again as soon as you get the chance. The uk is going to hell in a hand basket and people like you bare the responsibility. You socialist envious looser.

    1. I'm so glad you regard me with such disdain. It will make it easier when me and my collectivist pals come for what you've got!

  2. Ah, another of the smug and stupid brigade. One of those who admires the corrupt and venal. But you're quite right about collectivism. What has it ever achieved? Its a well known fact that every monument and every achievement of civilization was created by a single individual. Stonehenge? Build by a Tory using the power of corruption. The Pyramids? Build entirely with the power of individualist smugness. I might be a socialist envious loser (in fact I'm neither of these things) but at least I have sufficient education to differentiate between freedom and slavery. Don't like Tory bashing? Try reading something else while following each line with a finger and mouthing the difficult words. Still you should be pleased that the Tories have managed to double the national debt in four years to feed their greed and use it to brainwash morons like you. Bye for now.