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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Why Are So Many Tories Sociopaths?

What is it about the Tory Party that attracts so many sociopaths? While George Osborne deliberately impoverishes millions of hard working people, Iain Duncan Smith persecutes the sick, disabled and defenceless and Jeremy Hunt sells off the NHS to his rich pals, it has been revealed that they are quite happy to bully one of their own to the point of driving their victim to suicide. Bullying, of course, is a basic characteristic of Toryism which deliberately sets out to bully an entire country in which 63% did not vote for them. Bullying is how the Tory Party maintains itself as a political force in Britain, together with misrepresenting the past, lying about the present, promising a future they have no intention of creating and recruiting to their cause the greedy, selfish and plain stupid. A lack of empathy for others, manipulating the truth and a profound selfish outlook are the main characteristics of the sociopath and, for such people, there is only one political party that offers the kind of scope for the anti-social behaviour that they crave. Where else could they go? Not all sociopaths are criminals. Most are merely very unpleasant and many of us will have encountered them in our day-to-day lives. It has been estimated that up to 20% of the population are sociopaths and they are relatively easy to spot. They are the manipulators, those who will tell any lie and pedal any half-truth to get what they want. Often passively aggressive, they will deliberately provoke anger in others and then plead innocence while thoroughly enjoying the chaos they have created around them. What better description is there of the Tory Party which will deliberately pick a fight with a section of society and then blame the victims of their spite? Since sneaking into power through the back door in 2010 the Tories have vented their spleen on the sick, the disabled, the unemployed, teachers, doctors, nurses, the armed forces, the police, the fire brigade, charities and the BBC. In the meantime they have promoted the interests of the worst in our society, the banks, corporate tax-evaders and the right-wing press - all those organisations that, like themselves, are run by sociopaths. So why are so many Tories sociopaths? Because, by definition, the Tories are sociopaths, because their basic credo is that of the sociopath, because they are nothing more than the political wing of organised crime.

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