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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Why Is The Media Selectively Blind?

Yesterday London was brought to a halt by a protest of 50,000 ordinary people marching against austerity. Most people in Britain could be forgiven for knowing absolutely nothing about it because it failed to be even mentioned by the media on television or in print. Andrew Marr on the BBC today was far more interest in the none-story that some Tories think that Ed Miliband will not make a good Prime Minster and would not be a popular contestant on "Big Brother" while he happily talked to the disgraced former Foreign Secretary, Liam Fox, about the Middle East. Faced by the fact that the Tory party is raping the country and happily murdering its own citizens for money, the BBC is content to report on tittle-tattle and cooperate in the rehabilitation of a corrupt Tory politician. The BBC in particular seems to be ignoring the wider questions about our so-called democracy in favour of reporting rumour and gossip from the "Westminster village". What the blue-rinse set thinks about Ed Miliband or what Liam Fox thinks about anything is not news. That 50,000 people spent a hard-earned weekend day off protesting against this vicious and treasonous government is news and, given the normally supine attitude of the British public, should be the lead story right across the media. The fact is that we live in a country that, despite all its tub thumping, has a media dominated by the Tory right wing content to ask Chuka Umunna why Ed Milliband, though obviously an honest man, is not more photogenic and to invite him to praise George Osborne's economic "miracle". The media in Britain is simply just another cog in the corrupt machinery that runs Britain, the publicity arm of a selfish and greedy elite who would sell their own grandmother to get an extra quid.


  1. Your attempt to compare people to an animal that has evolved to be a scavenger is false. If some people do abuse the system then that is the price you pay for a civilised society. Your solution is to deny help to everyone including those that both need and deserve it. You would punish the innocent indiscriminately in order to punish the guilty, throwing the baby out with the bath water. You might crave a society geared to the survival of the fittest but, like those who have never had to survive in such a society, you fail to realise that you yourself would be unlikely to thrive or even survive. Happy to accept a helping hand from a civilised society when it suits you, you would deny it to others less fortunate than yourself. This is called selfishness and, rather than a political principle, is merely a character flaw.