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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Samantha Cameron's Fingers In The Till As Well.

In this recent picture of the Camerons two things are obvious. First David Cameron seems blissfully unaware that he is being targeted by an assassin with a laser scope. Second, his wife looks very stylish in her Indian sari. So she should considering that she employs one of her mates as her style guru at a cost to the taxpayer of £53,000 per year. Of course such "advisers" and "consultants" are common in the corridors of power, but we could be forgiven for pointing out the obvious problem with Sam's fashion arrangements. She is not in government. She is not even an MP. She is merely the PM's wife so why is tax payers money being squandered on her appearance? And why is the PM married to a woman who is so dim that she can't dress herself without forking out £53,000 of our money? In fact the answer is actually quite obvious. This is not just any government, this is a Tory government. Stealing tax payers money for such things as cleaning moats, pruning orchards and heating the stables for their horses is second nature to such people. Privilege, it should be pointed out, is an expensive hobby and a sense of entitlement is inevitable under such circumstances. How else can any self-respecting Tory maintain the lifestyle he or she is accustomed to without resorting to a bit of petty larceny? In fact the success of the entire Cameron clan has been almost entirely based on it, from stealing money from the poor and disadvantaged to stashing the proceeds in tax havens, the Camerons know how to look after other people's money. It's time for this farce to end and well past the time that Britain turfs these scroungers out of office.

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