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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Only The Wealthy Can Have Socialism Now.

The wealthy pride themselves on knowing a good thing when they see it and they absolutely love socialism - at least for themselves. Which is why a bunch of wealthy scroungers have given themselves public sector jobs in Parliament and hiked up the wages (not to mention expense accounts) to levels that other public sector workers can only dream of. When a banker gets into trouble his bank is taken into public ownership, the debts he has run up are paid off using tax payers money, his bonuses are guaranteed and, when his bank has been made solvent again, he gets it back at a knock-down, bargain-basement price paid for by the money he's stolen from the rest of us. The whole of the Royal family has been nationalised, their incomes subsidised by the tax payer despite the fact that they own outright most of the damned country already. Yet, the amount of taxpayers money wasted on saving the banks from their own criminality would support the British steel industry, even at £1 million per day, for 200 years. Of course the Tories have no intention of doing anything so last century as saving the steel industry by nationalising it. Socialism for ordinary people? Margaret Thatcher would spin in her grave. Socialism, it would seem, is no longer for the hoi polloi. Like every good thing it has been appropriated by the wealthy and turned into a parody of itself while, at the same time, it is vilified in the right-wing press when there is any suggestion that ordinary people might benefit from it. While the biggest scroungers in the country have now been re-labeled as "wealth creators" the disadvantaged, the poor and the disabled have all been re-labeled as "scroungers". The Tories have turned the world on its head.

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