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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Iain Duncan Smith - The Heinrich Himmler Of Our Time.

Iain Duncan Smith, the UK's most evil and now most cynical politician, has resigned over the Tory plans to wreck the lives of as many disabled people as possible. The latest round of spiteful not to say down right evil cuts to disabled benefits is, according to IDS, "a compromise too far". Compromise? What on earth does IDS mean? Is he suggesting that he only reluctantly agreed to the cuts in order to save the fragile and largely fictional economic "recovery" that George Osborne has engineered over the last six years but now finds that his conscience has intervened to protect the most vulnerable in our society? Hardly. If that was the case then he should have resigned six years ago. IDS has shown little concern for the voodoo economics that Osborne has been pedaling since 2010 and has shown scant regard for the welfare of others. He has seemed quite happy to continue his career as Britain' most successful serial liar and unrepentant scrounger. Suddenly, however, the idea of cabinet collective responsibility, that fig leaf used by UK politicians to avoid criminal prosecution, has lost its allure. "It wasn't me Guv. It was that Cameron and Osborne what done it. I was only following orders." So what is going on? Is IDS merely trying to distance himself before he and the rest of his criminal gang are hauled before the Court of Human Rights for crimes against humanity? That seems most unlikely since his fellow politicians in Europe and the wider world will make absolutely sure that no such prosecution ever takes place. "Blimey," they are probably saying. "If the whole Tory party is dragged through the courts where will that leave me?" Has he had a change of heart? That too seems unlikely since he doesn't have one. So what's left? Ah, of course, the EU referendum and the imminent demise of Cameron as leader of the Tories. What better way for IDS to stake out his future claim to influence in the Tory party while, at the same time, holing George Osborne below the waterline? IDS, like Heinrich Himmler in 1945, is hoping he can negotiate his way out of the mess that the EU referendum will undoubtedly cause, while Cameron, like Hitler, continues to cower in his equivalent of the Berlin bunker before he finally shoots himself in the foot. IDS is probably hoping that Osborne, like Martin Bormann, will simply disappear, that Eric Pickles, like Herman Goering before him, will mount a spirited defence of the indefensible and that Boris Johnson will do an Albert Speer and emerge as "the good Tory".

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