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Friday, 8 December 2017

Whose Foreign Policy Is Driving The White House?

Within a year Donald Trump has managed to place the United States in jeopardy in the Far East where war with North Korea is fast becoming a near certainty, he has insulted most of America's allies in Europe and now, with the announcement that he recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he has set the Middle East alight. None of this is in the United States interests since it reduces its reputation, its influence and divides its attention and resources at a crucial time in world history. So why would Trump be so stupid? Is it simply because he is stupid or is there something more sinister at work? His foreign policy is criminal in its ineptitude and, as Cicero once pointed out, when a crime is committed the first question that should be asked is "Cui bono?" - who benefits? The answer to this is blindingly simple - Russia. Driving a wedge between the US and NATO, embroiling the US in a conflict in the Far East and reducing its influence in the Middle East is a Russian wet dream and is frighteningly close to being realised. Even more frightening is how it is being realised since it is all based on the idiocy of one man - Donald Trump. Trump maybe a simpleton but his campaign to take the White House was well organised by someone and it is doubtful if the idiots that surround him could have been responsible. The evidence is beginning to suggest quite forcibly that Trump conspired with Russia to place him in the Oval Office and that Trump is nothing more or less than a Russian agent. For Trump patriotism doesn't even come into it. He is a businessman (and a shady one at that) and selling out his country was simply a business deal that was too good an opportunity to miss. With the hot and eager help of the corrupt Republican Party he's even managed to reduce the tax due on his foreign earnings. A contemporary of Cicero, Jugurtha the King of Numidia, described Rome as "a city up for sale, if only she can find a buyer." It would seem that Trump and the Republican Party found their buyer in the Kremlin.

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