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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Why The Tories Betrayed The UK.

For those who are wondering why the Tories are so set on leaving the EU and why they wanted the leave date enshrined in law the following should be an eye opener. In 2019, just as Britain should be leaving the EU if the Tories have their way, a new Directive from the EU will come into force. This Directive is intended to end tax dodging by the rich and greedy. Let that sink in. The rich and greedy in the EU will no longer be able to dodge their tax liabilities across the whole of Europe just as the rich and greedy in the UK have arranged to take us out of the EU. Now this might be just a strange coincidence but, given that Theresa May's husband is a professional tax dodger as is most of the Tory party, this might be a little hard to swallow. The truth is that the Tory party has sold this country down the river to maximise their own profiteering at the expense of everyone else. Nothing illustrates better the Tory party's role as the political arm of organised crime than Brexit.

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