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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Why There Should Be A Second Referendum.

There can be little doubt now that the Brexit campaign was one based on lies and propaganda. Remember the £135 million a week for the NHS? Remember the scare story that Turkey was about to join the EU? Remember "taking control of our borders"? Remember "the world will beat a path to our door eager for trade"? All these have now been abandoned by the leaders of the Brexit campaign since they are demonstrably untrue. All they are left with is "taking back control over our own laws" and wresting the legislative process from the "faceless bureaucrats from Brussels". Even these statements are demonstrably untrue since we always had control over our own laws while in Parliament 90% of all laws introduced are purely domestic and have nothing to do with Europe. As for the "faceless bureaucrats" has no one heard of MEPs - you know the people we vote for to represent our views in Brussels? Winning the Brexit campaign on such a basis was nothing more or less than a confidence trick perpetrated on the British public by a bunch of swivel-eyed nutters in UKIP and the Tory Party with propaganda supplied by newspapers who think nothing of hacking a murdered girl's phone. The result was simply illegitimate. But now we can see the edge of the cliff that this country is heading towards while we are all driven a breakneck speed towards it by the likes of Boris Johnson and David Davis. The only question is why the Tory party in particular is now so eager to embrace economic disaster? At the very centre of their thinking is the glittering prize of ending the influence of the European Court on Human Rights. Without their "interference" workers rights can be swept away, pay can be kept at poverty levels, collective bargaining can be dispensed with and, most important of all, the NHS can be flogged off at bargain-basement prices to the Tories party's rich mates in the American Health Industry. That is what Brexit is all about for the organised crime syndicate known as the Tory party in the UK. It's time for a second referendum now we know the truth.

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